At GangHut HQ we’re feeling the chill… but thankfully the platform economy doesn’t care whether it’s cold outside or not. So instead of hiding away and thinking that sharing is easier when the sun’s out, take a look at our top five apps for the colder months of the year…

SnoHub is changing the traditional snow clearing industry with its on-demand mobile app. It makes life easy for homeowners and it’s also creating thousands of new jobs in the US where it launched. It’s simple: can’t get the car out? Find a contractor in your area with the right equipment using your app. SnoHub securely handles everything, including the tech and payment for both the supply and the demand sides. Maybe with the snow we’ve been having on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s time for a UK version?

Sometimes the thought of going out when it’s five degrees below freezing is too much to bear. After all, what’s a girl to wear? Thankfully, if you want that restaurant vibe without leaving the house, there’s an app to cover it. WeFiFo connects home chefs with hungry people so you host an event for friends, for charity, or even to launch a career. And although it’s a great way to earn some extra cash, WeFiFo’s app creators want to bring people together to share food, stories and laughter. What could be more (heart) warming than that?

If you’re not averse to getting out into the white stuff, you’ll be pleased to hear that tech makes it a lot cheaper and easier to go skiing. Winter sports gear is expensive – so if you have some, you can rent it out when you’re not using it. And if you don’t, you can borrow it from someone who does. Check out Spinlister which lets you rent skis and boards from locals. In their words, “Save money, meet awesome people, and consume less”. Sounds good to us.

The nights are long at this time of year, so rather than binge watching Netflix box-sets, why not download Skillshare. It’s an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and more. Anyone can join the millions of members in the community to learn cutting-edge skills, network with peers and discover new opportunities. They must be doing something right – over 3 million people use the app worldwide.

Remember that present on your list that was disappointingly absent from your stocking? Turns out it was only available abroad, and Santa didn’t want to pay for international shipping. The good news is there’s an app to help you with this. Grabr is a trusted peer-to-peer community marketplace connecting shoppers and travellers all around the world. With Grabr, shoppers gain access to the products they love, want and can’t get otherwise with a little help from travellers heading their way. And travellers get to make a little extra cash if they have room in their suitcase.