At GangHut we love working with The Good Web Guide – and it’s been a great week at both the Good Web Guide and GangHut HQ. First up, our friends at and GUARDHOG have both been shortlisted in their prestigious ‘Website of The Year’ awards.

Aron Gelbard, co-founder & CEO of Bloom & Wild will announce the winners at a reception held on Monday 12th November in London. You can read the shortlist here – good luck to all the finalists…

We’re also delighted to see Rob Brown, co-founder of GangHut client KERB, the parkshare app that’s taking the UK’s cities by storm – as guest editor of the site. Rob is a digital marketing expert and international keynote speaker who has long been fascinated by technology.

Rob recognises that parking across the world has reached a crunch point, with commuters spending too much time and money on suitable parking (and parking fines).

At the same time, a vast number of parking spaces sit empty; that is, until technology unlocks them in the form of his app The app, is now localised for 300 cities worldwide, in seventeen languages.

The Good Web Guide quizzed him about his favourite places on the internet. Read his interview here – you’ll be taking notes as Rob has some great tips for sites and podcasts.

You might even agree that his favourite tweeter, Donald Trump, is “for entertainment value only – not to be consumed in large doses, or while under the influence of alcohol”…