Every business comes with risk – but for new and innovative, technology-driven startups, this is especially true.

At the Hut we get this – which is why we are so proud to be involved with Marketplace Risk, the most comprehensive source of education, networking and information sharing for the web and mobile marketplace technology industry, including for startups in the sharing, gig, on-demand, peer-to-peer and collaborative economy.

Marketplace Risk began as a working group of startup investors, founders, executives and attorneys who got together to learn from one another how to better identify and mitigate the risks associated with their businesses.

This working group grew over time and, in 2015, evolved into the first and only conference focused on risk management for the web and mobile technology industry – the Marketplace Risk Management Conference.

Since the first conference, Marketplace Risk has become the most comprehensive resource for the web and mobile marketplace technology industry, offering:

  • Meet-ups and programs held around the country
  • Webinars designed to provide solutions for startups
  • Convening of industry groups from around the world
  • Communications platform connecting the industry
  • Seminar designed equip marketplaces with best practices

We’re delighted that our very own Gang Leader Elle is on the Advisory Board of the conference, and GangHut is a leading sponsor. Check out the site here and follow Marketplace Risk on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.